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Directions Kansas City, MO 64138

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  • Jeremy Franklin

    Kansas City, Missouri is in the very heart and soul of Jeremy Franklin. Having established childhood roots while growing up, Jeremy later went on to start a successful dealership business. 

    Jeremy always knew the car business was in his blood. While attending high school, he started working at his father's dealership. Jeremy started from the ground up, first as a porter, cleaning the vehicles, then went on to sales, finance, management and eventually was promoted to General Manager. 

    In 2001, at the age of twenty-four, American Suzuki Motor Corporation named Jeremy Franklin its youngest Suzuki Dealer ever. He proved through pure enthusiasm and will that their choice was an excellent one, while rapidly becoming the top dealer in the Midwest. But Jeremy didn't stop there. He went on to winning six straight Presidential Awards for most sales volume and customer satisfaction.

    American Suzuki Motor Corporation and American Suzuki Financial Services both named Jeremy to serve on their prestigious National Advisory Boards. These appointments allowed Jeremy the insight into key national trends and to further develop business philosophies such as "Bottom Line Pricing 24/7." You get the price up front. Nothing is hidden. The process is complete transparency, a key element to great long term customer relationships.

    Jeremy added to his business in 2014 with the addition of Mitsubishi Motors.  Since becoming a Mitsubishi Dealer he has achieved great success in a short amount of time. 

    Jeremy describes it like this: "I love Kansas City people. They are hard working folks who want to be treated fairly and honestly when making a major decision such as purchasing a vehicle. Our philosophy is built around ensuring that each customer is treated with the integrity and respect they deserve. By doing so, our customers will return time after time again."

    Jeremy spends most of his time either at the dealership or with his wife and three children, where he now raises his own family in the city that is dear to him. Jeremy is a licensed pilot and flies volunteer missions for Angel Flight Central and enjoys golfing in his spare time.

    Jeremy is a member of the Automobile Dealer Association of Greater Kansas City, Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and the Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City.

  • Hector Espinosa
    MNGNG Partner/General Manager

    Hector Espinosa became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2004. Having graduated from high school, Hector married the love of his life, his high school sweetheart and then later joined the United States Marine Corps where he served his country for eight years in Desert Storm and is a Veteran of Desert Shield.

    His experience in the United States Marine Corps taught him the importance of dedication and commitment, not only to himself, but to his family and to his work. Hector incorporated his upbringing with the standards of integrity, morals, honesty and the respectfulness of all life, in which he was raised by conducting one's self both on a professional and personal level.

    In 1992, Hector found his passion in the car business and moved from Arizona to Kansas City, Missouri, where he and his wife now live. Hector has two outstanding sons, both of whom are the pride and joy of his life. 

    Hector is very proud of the family type atmosphere at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi both amongst the employees and its customers. Hector believes in taking care of the customer and going out of his way to make it the easiest, simplest and the most "hassle-free" experience to purchase a vehicle in today's market. 

    In Hector's free time he enjoys attending his youngest son's soccer games, spending it with his family, friends and neighbors over a barbeque and hanging out at the pool for relaxation or a competitive volleyball game.

    Hector looks forward to the opportunity of meeting you and earning your repeat business. Welcome to the family of Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi of Kansas City.

  • Joseph Espinosa
    General Sales Manager

    Joseph Espinosa became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2004.  Having graduated high school, Joseph managed and operated a full time Greek Restaurant. Those customers to date, provided him the required skills he needed in finance, customer service and satisfaction.

    Joseph has been in the auto industry since 1995. Dedicated to his work and customer oriented, Joseph will go out of his way to finance and assist you until all resources have been exhausted.
    He is extremely driven and focused when it comes to his customer's future vehicle. Joseph has repeatedly proven his strengths and abilities in outstanding customer satisfaction and sales.

    Joseph strongly believes in promoting a professional environment and offers his staff constant opportunities to improve their product knowledge to further assist the customer, above and beyond their expectations.

    During Joseph's free time, he enjoys spending it with his wife of whom is his best friend, and his and family, all of whom are very actively involved in their church. Joseph has five children so there's never a dull moment on or off the job. 

  • Chris Fry
    Sales Manager

    Chris Fry has been a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team since 2001. He is a graduate of North Kansas City High School. Chris was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. 

    Chris believes that the "Bottom Line Pricing 24/7" truly is the best thing that Jeremy Franklin could have implemented. Contact Chris today should you need any assistance when financing or purchasing your next new or used vehicle.


  • Joshua Espinosa
    Finance Manager

    Joshua Espinosa became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2008.  Balancing a heavy workload amongst college courses, Joshua proudly obtained two college degrees before becoming a Finance Manager.

    "Working side by side with my co-workers has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual. We have a fantastic team here! As the Finance Manager of Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi, I am confident whatever your needs may be, I am here to assist you!"

    Joshua enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, family and friends.

  • Karen Warnesky
    Office Manager

    Karen Warnesky became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2009.

    Karen has been in the automobile industry her entire career, but really enjoys the experience of the family atmosphere with the Jeremy Franklin Team.

    In Karen's free time, she enjoys spending every minute with her seven beautiful grandchildren here in the Kansas City area. She is proud to say her eldest grandson joined the United States Marine Corp in October of 2014.

  • Jesse Hardin, JR.
    Sales Associate

    Jesse A. Hardin, JR. has been a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team since 2002. After graduating from Southeast High School, having been born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Jesse then joined the United States Army. Jesse later attended UMKC to further his education.

    Jesse has been happily married for more than twenty nine years to his beautiful wife, Rhonda, of whom he is still madly in love with and has five children; four daughters and one son. Two of his children now attend college locally.

    Jesse is one of those sales professionals who has a long history of success and a loyal following, which reflects his understanding of the industry and more importantly, his understanding of how to treat valued customers to keep them coming back time and time again.

  • Deon Willis
    Sales Associate

    Deon Willis became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2003. After graduating from a small town high school in Arkansas, Deon returned to his hometown Kansas City to attend college at UMKC.

    As far back as Deon can remember, he's always wanted to be in the car industry, thus Deon learned his automobiles inside and out and offers deep insight as to which make and model will perform to his customers liking and to their specific purpose.

    Deon works hard every day to make dreams become a reality for his customers, whether it's their first vehicle purchase, or transitioning to accommodate a family's current needs. Deon strongly keeps in mind a promising experience they'll never forget.

  • Brandon Brown
    Sales Associate

    Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2010. 


    Brandon served his country proudly for seven years in the United States Marine Corps. Having a family of his own, he looks forward to serving his community and making it the best he can.


    Brandon's hobbies include basketball, football, pool, bowling and spending time with his family and friends.


  • Sheik Obaya
    Sales Associate

    Sheik Obaya became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2011. Sheik is a graduate of Southeast High School. He is a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Donna and a proud father to his three year old son. 

    Sheik is a managing director of a grass roots foundation, dedicated to life coaching of inner city youths. Sheik is an avid Chief's Rider.

  • Kenneth Anonye
    Sales Associate

    Kenneth Anonye became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2015. Born in Nigeria, Kenneth attended the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, Nigeria.  Kenneth was a successful International Auto Dealer in Europe and Africa for over 20 years, where he now brings his experience to the Kansas City Jeremy Franklin Team.

    Kenneth is highly energetic, dependable and extremely courteous, whereas he applies these traits to cater to each auto sale to suit the customer's personal needs, wants and expectations.

    Kenneth is happily married to his beautiful wife, Julie. Kenneth enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies for relaxation, and/or attending soccer games. 

  • Sam Spikes
    Sales Associate

    Sam Spikes became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2015.  Sam was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

    At a very young age, Sam fell in love with cars. While growing up, Sam tinkered with cars taking them apart and putting them back together. He knew then, he just wanted to be around cars.

    Customer service led Sam to the wonderful world of auto sales.

  • Deron Tatum
    Sales Associate

    Deron Tatum became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2015.  

    Deron has always had a love for cars and growing up, developed his skills mechanically to repair them. With both a win, win combination knowing the vehicles inside and out, he became interested in sales.

    Deron works very hard at applying his skills to fulfill the dreams and needs of his customer's.

    Spending as much time with his father, Deron will take his dad fishing where they both can enjoy the peaceful comfort of father - son and the solace of nature. 

  • Tyrone Franklin
    Sales Associate

    Tyrone Franklin became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2016. Tyrone was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Tyrone loves meeting new people and thus this drew him in to car sales. Meeting such a variety of new people on a daily basis offers Tyrone the environment he thrives on.

    Tyrone enjoys every moment with his family, fishing when time permits it, working on and fixing up old cars, (mental rest), and last but least, enjoys bowling.

  • Tom Fuchs
    Business Development Manager

    Thomas Fuchs became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2014. After spending the last several years in Boston, Massachusetts, Tom has come back to his roots in the Midwest where his family is originally from.

    Thomas has been in the customer service industry since his graduation from Iowa State University.  He believes customers should have a top notch experience from start to finish and strives to provide that experience every day.

    In his free time, Tomas enjoys fishing, playing golf and spending time with his family.  He is very excited to be part of the family type atmosphere that is Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi.

  • Aaron Wedgeworth
    Business Development Representative

  • Terry Jones
    Business Development Representative

    Terry Jones became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2014. Having graduated from Hickman Mills High School, Terry became interested in the customer service industry.

    In Terry's spare time, he teaches hip-hop classes and loves spending time with his wife and children.

    "I look forward to making a real career here with my new family at Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi of Kansas City."

  • Jim Honeycutt
    Service Manager

    Jim Honeycutt became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2015.  Jim has been in the auto repair industry since 1973.

    Jim's hobbies include camping fishing and tournament archery.

  • Michael Petryshyn
    Service Advisor

    Michael Petryshyn became a member of the Jeremy Franklin Team in 2016. Michael is new to the Kansas City area, having recently moved from Cleveland, Ohio.

    Michael has over 16 years in the automotive field, ranging from technician, parts, service and sales experience.

    Michael is a personable and outgoing individual of whom is currently learning his way around Kansas City.  So customers, please go easy on Michael as far as directions go, until he learns his way about. Michael is looking forward to enjoying the activities that Kansas has to offer.

    Michael, we welcome you to Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Jeff Kibling
    Parts Manager

    Jeff Kibling became a member of the Jeremy Franklin team in 2016. A former employee, Jeff is excited to be back amongst his former "work family."

    Jeff has spent the last 20 years working in the automotive industry and enjoys being able to put both his experience and love of cars to work.

    In his spare time, Jeff enjoys the precious moments of life by spending it with his family, working on cars, being outdoors and traveling.

  • Jeff Adams
    Counter Representative

    Jeff Adams became a member of the Jeremy Franklin team in 2016. Jeff recently moved to the area from a small town in southeast Kansas to be closer to his family.

    Jeff is fairly new to the auto industry, having spent most of his previous employment as a car Sales Associate. Jeff enjoys tinkering with vehicles. 

     "My family is the most important part of my life. I have a lovely wife, one son and two daughters. My son is studying at the University of Kansas (double majoring in mechanical engineering and business. My youngest daughter is in competitive cheer and travels all around for competitions. My other daughter was doing the cheer stuff, but got bored with it and now studies Karate. I am very proud and grateful for my family."

    Jeff's favorite sports to watch are baseball (just the Royals) and college basketball. In Jeff's spare time, he enjoys working on his own vehicle and playing competitive slow-pitch softball in which he has traveled thousands of miles only to participate in the tournaments.